About Us

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Speedy Live Fish, a subsidiary of Aquarium Enterprises is an aquarium installation and service company based in Hayden, Idaho. We specialize in standard or custom designs, installation, and maintenance of your dream saltwater aquarium. Today's popularity for marine aquariums is growing at an exponential rate. With recent modernization in technology, aquariums have become more sustainable, successful, and thus enjoyable and worth having. We have extensive knowledge of 100's of different marine fish, coral, and invertebrate species.

We provide our customers with top notch service and expertise. Our specialty is creating truly authentic "Living" habitats. We use real sand, real live rock from the ocean, living coral, and reef compatible fish. This allows the viewer to connect with nature and experience the reef as it truly is.


  • "We have used Speedy Live Fish to set up our aquarium and for maintenance. Results have been great, from on time monthly service to upgrades and repair needs. The tank is a happy fixture in our house. I strongly recommend using Matthew and Speedy Live Fish." Kent and Joan Sather
  • "I am loving the tank! It has been an amazing few years, watching the constantly growing inhabitants change before our eyes. My kids can stand mesmerized for several minutes at time and our guests are always impressed. It has been the perfect living art installation in our entry hallway. I would recommend this experience highly to anyone with the slightest interest in sea creatures."Kim Traenkle