We offer scheduled maintenance plans to ensure the proper health of your aquarium's inhabitants.

All aquariums require maintenance to some degree depending on what species you are keeping. The Nano Aquariums will require service one time per month. A larger aquarium of 50 gallons will require 2 service visits per month if it housing live coral. An even larger tank of 100 gallons or more will usually require weekly service. A couple of important factors to keep in mind that will dictate how often your aquarium needs to be serviced are the size of the aquarium and the species you plan on keeping.

General Information

Clean, functional, attractive, and thriving aquariums are what we are all about.

The true beauty of an aquarium lies in the cleanliness of it and it's ability for the species within to display most naturally.

We believe that aquarium keeping should be enjoyed at it fullest potential. Our service experts go the extra length to ensure that all of your demands are met.

Having regularly scheduled visits will ensure that your prized aquarium is monitored consistently to prevent any possible issues from arising.

What distinguishes our work from others is our ability to make your aquarium grow! and look Alive! ..not just stand up to par.

How Our Rates Are Calculated

Our rate is based on a 1 Hour Service / Visit.

Our goal is to fulfill all of the needs for your aquarium within an hour service. Full service includes: cleaning of interior and exterior aquarium surfaces, water change, cleaning the sand, cleaning filter pads, replacing filtration media, and making any needed adjustments, rearrangements, or trimmings of the corals. Any other needs such as replacing a pump or other miscellaneous aquarium components will also be addressed during a service. Prior notification will need to be made before bringing out any replacements or desired livestock.

We take great pride in servicing your aquarium. We also take our service routine seriously as should you because we are dealing with living animals that deserve our utmost respect and care. Please consider in your aquarium purchase, that regular or minimum service will be strongly encouraged to ensure a proper cleaning schedule and healthy aquarium. A positive and skilled technician will be showing up to your location at least once per month to keep your aquarium running in great shape. If at any time you feel there is an emergency, we are just a phone call away.